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Shine New Light on Your Next Beginning!

Is there a way to embark on a new beginning with a fresh perspective, greater confidence and an abundance of positive energy? God’s answer is, “Yes.”

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Dawn Mann Sanders | Christian Author and Motivational Speaker | Biblical Relationship Advice


A Fresh & Fruitful Approach to Beginnings

A 6-week devotional that provides a fresh perspective on beginnings.
It will help you view them in a new light, allowing you to get started faster, manage the journey with more confidence, and reap its rewards quicker.

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A 6-Week Devotional on Beginnings

Just the act of getting started on a project—whether starting out or starting over—is often the most challenging part of the journey. Once we actually begin, momentum builds and we find our footing… but we have to get started.

Dawn Mann Sanders | Christian Author and Motivational Speaker | Biblical Relationship Advice


How It Works

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For each of the six weeks, you receive a week’s worth of devotional materials organized around a different theme of Genesis 1:2.

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

How do you start over, if you never foresaw an ending happening? God’s Word assures us all that the things He calls us to do are not too difficult.

YOU CAN DO THIS—it may be a challenge, but you are empowered to overcome this challenge when you gain a deeper understanding of God’s plan for your life.

Starting from scratch requires organizing toward a form. Without form, both the journey and its destination are uncertain. Form points us in the right direction to move forward.

An opportunity to create—whether a new life or something else new—is a moment to celebrate possibilities, not be daunted by limitations. Embrace the possibilities, for with God nothing is impossible.

In Genesis 1:2, God saw the void as an opportunity to create the world. When presented with the empty spaces in our lives, God invites us to see them as opportunities to join Him in the act of creation.

Only a believer looks forward with confidence to that same emptiness. For believers, emptiness is an opportunity to embark on a journey with God to fill that emptiness together and glory in something new and wonderful.

When God’s will empowers your beliefs, you understand that the darkness in our lives—physical, emotional, and spiritual—feels much worse than it is. God is in that darkness: “He made darkness His secret place; His canopy around Him was dark waters And thick clouds of the skies.” – Psalm 18:11.

If you find yourself in a dark place, understand that whether you see His Light in that moment or not, when you follow His lead you will complete the journey.

When it comes to the call God has on your life, friend, God has got this! His Holy Spirit will empower you to complete the journey. Every step of the way, He will provide what you need: gifts, resources, money, even people.

His Holy Spirit will empower you and others to help you. Our job is to trust that He will, then act when He does.

Creating anything—a book, a song, a relationship, or a life—requires tools. Think about what tools you need to both begin and complete what you are creating, and be creative in doing so: God often provides in unexpected ways, especially in the beginning.

God’s favor and protection are tools you can use, and continuing to study His Word is a tool you can use to bless each new beginning.

Gain a New, Biblical Perspective on Beginnings

Let “Starting Out or Starting Over: A Fresh & Fruitful Approach to Beginnings” be itself a new beginning for you—a new way to gain an understanding of God’s will, a new strategy to align your journey with His Word, and a new way to empower your life with God’s love and support.

6-week devotional email series

Shine New Light on Your Next Beginning!

Embark on new beginnings with an abundance of positive energy through a FREE 6-week devotional email series.

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When Your World Ends: God's Creative Process for Rebuilding a Life

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